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Central Storage Controllers for Physical CloudBender Regions

· 2 min read

Physical CloudBender™ regions now support running a centralized storage controller similar to cloud regions.

How It Works

First, obtain a CloudBender compatible storage system by contacting us. Create a new Physical region and set the Storage Mode to Central. Attach a display to the storage node and connect it to the network. Once it has started, you should see the trainML banner on the screen with the CloudBender minion_id and some other diagnostic data. Write down the minion_id and go to the CloudBender Resources Dashboard.

Select View Region from the action menu of the new node's physical region. Once on the region dashboard, click the Add button on the Storage Nodes grid. Enter a name for the new node and the minion id from the console. If the system is in a region behind a commercial corporate firewall, UPnP should be disabled. If it is behind a residential internet connection or other firewall managed by your ISP, leave UPnP enabled.


Only one storage node per region is currently supported. If you already have a storage node configured in a region, it must be removed before a new one can be added. Alternatively, you can replace the existing storage node with the new one by selecting Replace Node from the actions menu.

You will be navigated back to the region's dashboard. The new node will finalize its provisioning process, and may restart again. When the process is complete, the node will automatically enter the Active state, and you can begin to add compute nodes or devices to the region.