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Consolidated Account Billing

· 3 min read

Now your entire team or organization can share a single credit balance managed by a central account.

How It Works

Consolidated billing allows one account (the billing account) to act as the source of credits for multiple user accounts. The billing account becomes the only account with a credit balance, associated payment methods, and automatic-topup settings and is the only account that can view the payment history. Whenever a user account provisions resources that require credits, the credits are deducted from the billing account's credit balance. The billing account can also create jobs and use its own credits, but it does not have access to the jobs, models, or datasets of any other user accounts. The billing link can be terminated by either account (billing or user) at any time. If the billing link is terminated while jobs are active or storage usages is above the free tier, the unlinked user account will need to add credits to keep the resources active.

To configure consolidated billing, go to the billing page. There is now a Consolidated Billing section. Billing linking can only be initiated from the user account that wants to use the credits of another account. To link your account to another, enter the email address of that user's trainML account and click Send Request. The request will remain pending until the recipient accepts it or you cancel the request.


If you have paid credits still available in your account, those credits will be transferred to the billing account once they accept your request. Any non-paid (e.g. coupon) credits will be forfeited. This process is not reversible. Be sure you have the correct email address.

After a request is made, when the billing account goes to the Consolidated Billing section on the billing page, they will see Pending Consolidated Billing Requests with the name, email address, and profile picture of the requestor. If they approve the request, that user account will move to the Active Consolidated Billing Links section. At this point, all activity for that user's account will use the credits of the consolidated billing account.

The billing account can remove a linked user at any time by clicking the Remove button on the user card in the Active Consolidated Billing Links section. The effect will be immediate and will cause all jobs to stop when they attempt to reserve more credits unless the user configures a payment method and purchase credits. A user account linked to another billing account can also remove the link by clicking the Deactivate button on the billing page.