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Adding Credits

In order to execute jobs on the trainML platform, you must first purchase credits. This allows you to limit your spending to a specific budget and avoid large unexpected bills from accidentally leaving instances running. If you run out of credits while a job is currently running, that job will automatically stop to prevent you from overspending your budget. Stopped jobs can be restarted once more credits are added.

Credits can be purchased for $1.00 each, with a minimum purchase amount of 25 credits ($25) per transaction.

Adding a Payment Method

Click on Credits in the top right area of the screen. On the right, click Add Payment Method. Input the billing details of the payment method.


Only payment US dollars is currently supported.

On the next page, enter your credit card information. Card information is securely handled by Stripe. trainML does not collect or store payment card information.

Purchasing Credits

When you return to the payments page, click Set Primary on your new payment method to set it as the payment method to use for the new transaction. Once it says Primary under the payment method, type the amount of credits you want to purchase into the Amount of Credits field on the left and click Buy. Confirm your payment on the popup by clicking Pay Now.

Enabling Automatic Top-Up (Optional)

By default, trainML will not bill your credit card unless you manually purchase credits. If you run out of credits while a job is running, the job will be stopped. To prevent this, you can enabled Automatic Top-ups by clicking the Set Automatic Top-Up button. Check the Enable automatic Top-up checkbox to enable the form. By default, every time an automatic top-up is performed, you will receive an email notification. If you wish to disable this, uncheck the Send me an email notification when a top-up occurs box. The Top-up Credits Threshold is the level of credits your account must dip below before an automatic top-up is triggered and the Top-up Credits Amount is the amount of credits to purchase once that threshold is passed. For example, if you set the Top-up Credits Threshold to 10 and the Top-up Credits Amount to 30 and you have a job running that consumes 1.5 credits per hour with a current account balance of 11, when the job bills you for an additional hour your credits drop to will drop to 9.5. This is below the credits threshold of 10 and will therefore trigger a top-up. Your default payment method will automatically be charged for 30 credits (your Top-up Credits Amount) and, if the payment is successful, your credit balance will be 39.5.